MALIČKE (orig. title)

TV series | fiction | drama | 7×52’

logline: Torn between her liberal friends and her kind yet conservative boss, Lucija, a jaded drifter, struggles to find her identity and purpose while the rise of the ultra-conservative movement puts women’s rights into question, threatening her lifestyle.

author: Dora Šustić
directors: Milica Tomović, Dina Duma, Dora Šustić
writer: Dora Šustić
production: Antitalent (HR)
producer: Maja Pek-Brünjes

workshops/markets: Midpoint TV launch 2020, Berlinale Co-Pro Series 2021, Sofia Meetings 2022, HBO Europe award for best project at Midpoint TV Launch 2020
supported by: Croatian Audiovisual Centre (project development support)
status: project development