KAMENA PRAŠINA (orig. title)

TV series | period | drama | 6×52’’
based on a true story

storyline: One photograph taken in the early morning of 1991 became part of the national collective memory of the Serb-Montenegrin aggression on Dubrovnik. The author of the photo, a young Dubrovnik photojournalist Pavo Urban, was killed by shrapnel from a grenade he took. We follow the last 6 months of his life, the days of war and his relationship with the young Mara Bratoš, whose father Miljenko established the defense of the city. At the time of the key battles for Dubrovnik, in which Srđ was defended, the fortunes of war were reversed for Croatia, but not for Mara. Pavo Urban was tragically killed.

writer: Ivica Đikić
production: Antitalent (HR)
producer: Danijel Pek
executive producer: Tea Matanović

supported by: Croatian Audiovisual Centre (script development support)
status: script development