SLATKA KUHARICA (orig. title)

TV series | documentary | culinary | travel

storyline: SWEET CHEF combines traditional recipes of our grandmothers with a modern interpretation of the pastry chef Petra Jelenić. In each episode, Petra visits the new part of Croatia known for specific sweets, finds masters of this recipe and explores how the sweets are made in the traditional way. In the end, Petra brings a new dessert for testing to the author of the traditional version.
S01, 2015/2016, 14×26’
S02, 2016/2017, 20×20’

author: Maja Pek-Brünjes
recipe author: Petra Jelenić
directors: Maja Pek-Brünjes (S01, S02), Filip Peruzović (S01), Filip Filković (S02)
writers: Maja Pek-Brünjes (S01), Nikolina Bogdanović (S01), Siniša Pavić (02), Petra Jelenić (S02)
production: Antitalent (HR)
producers: Maja Pek-Brünjes, Danijel Pek
executive producers: Katarina Janković (S01), Dora Prpić (S01), Tamara Babun (S02)
director of photography: Davor Bjelanović (S01), Tomislav Krnić (S02), Ivan Zadro (S02)
editors: Antonia Mamić (S01), Tomislav Josipović (S01, S02), Ivan Bujević (S01), Maja Pek-Brünjes (S01), Ema Carić (S02)
chef and presenter: Petra Jelenić

supported by: Croatian Radiotelevision
broadcaster: Croatian Radiotelevision