POSLJEDNJI BUNAR (orig. title)

short | fiction | dystopian drama |  2017 | 20’

tagline: The future is dried up.
storyline: The year is 2034. Europe is in a state of complete breakdown. The owner of the last well of natural pure water lives in Croatia. After the sale of the water to the nice family goes wrong and ends up in bloodshed, he becomes a substitute father and husband. But when the well runs dry, he is forced to do the one last “trade”…

director: Filip Filković
writer: Velimir Grgić
production: Antitalent (HR)
producer: Danijel Pek
executive producers: Tamara Babun, Katarina Prpić
co-production: Insolence Productions (FR)
co-producer: Pascalline Saillant
director of photography: Tomislav Krnić
editor: Marko Šuvak Martinović
costume designer: Alena Orović
makeup artist: Sanja Hrstić Kuterovac
production designer: Željka Rončević
sound designer: Guillaume Couturier
original music: Side Project
cast: Ida Roginić, Alen Liverić, Mia Melcher, Ozren Grabarić

supported by: Croatian Audiovisual Centre
festivals and awards: 

  • International short film festival Paris Courts Devant 2016 – Prix Euro Courts Devant
  • Zagreb Film Festival 2017 – Checkers
  • Ouchy Film Awards 2017 – Jury Award for Best Director
  • Oniros Film Awards 2017 – Best Short of the Month; Best Short Film 
  • Genre Celebration Festival 2017 – Best Sci-Fi Short; Best Visual Effects (Chadi Abo)
  • Austrian Independent Film Festival 2018 – Best Short Film
  • Bloody Weekend International Film Festival 2018
  • Diversions International Short Film Festival 2018 – Best cinematography (Tomislav Krnić)
  • Paphos International Film Festival 2018
  • Art for Peace Festival 2018
  • Atlanta Award-Qualifying Film Festival 2018 
  • Grossmann Fantastic Film and Wine Festival 2018
  • L’Étrange Festival 2018
  • New Renaissance Film Festival 2018
  • Outdoor Short Film Festival of Grenoble 2018
  • Festival du cinéma international en Abitibi-Témiscamingue 2018
  • Kaohsiung Film Festival 2018
  • Fatherhood Image Film Festival 2018
  • FerFilm Festival 2018
  • CINEMED – International Festival of Mediterranean Films in Montepellier 2018
  • Trieste Sciene+Fiction Festival 2018
  • SPASM Film Festival 2018
  • Tuzla Film Festival 2018 – Best Short Film
  • Amiens international Film Festival 2018
  • International Science Fiction Festival Les Utopiales 2018
  • Frostbiter Icelandic Horror Film Festival 2018
  • International Green Culture Festival 2018 – Best Short Film award
  • Landshut Short Film Festival 2019
  • Skepto International Film Festival 2019 – Human/Nature Special Mention award 
  • SEEfest South East European Film Festival Los Angeles 2019 
  • Twisted Dreams Film Festival 2019 – Best Actor in a Short Film (Alen Liverić)
  • End of Days Film Festival 2019 – Best Actor (Alen Liverić); Best Supporting Actress (Mia Biondić Melcher);  Best Apocalyptic Story (Velimir Grgić); Best Apocalyptic Film (Filip Filković Philatz)
  • Vortex Sc-Fi Fantasy and Horror Film Festival 2019 – Best Sci-Fi Short Film